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This site can direct you to the principal societies and their publications and websites that
contain the current events and ongoing research throughout the Near East in archaeology and
history from the Paleolithic to Medieval eras.  Whether your interest is anthropology,
archaeology, history, biblical studies, or even more specific areas, we can link you to many
important resources.
Organizational Websites
Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)
American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)
Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS)
Journal of Near Eastern Studies (JNES)
Palestine Exploration Quarterly (PEQ)
American Anthropological Association - The Archaeology Division
Current Archaeology
ArchNet's Middle Eastern Links
Journal Storage (JStor)

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Journal Storage (JStor)
Other Websites
The Archaeology Channel - an interactive website which features many video and audio
presentations on various archaeological subjects around the world.

BadArchaeology.Net - two British archaeologists describe the problems caused by bad
data, bad methodology, and misapprised assumptions that plague the public's
understanding about what the science of archaeology and its results truly are.

Lost Civilizations Uncovered - an online magazine which tours the unscholarly side of
archaeology and history.  If Churchward, Lovecraft, Von Daniken, Hancock, Donnelly, or
Cayce are your cup of tea, this site looks at them all.

The Illustrated History of the Roman Empire - pretty much as the title describes.  An online
e-book all about the origins, rise, and decline of Rome.

Theban Mapping Project - this site contains current information on Egypt's Valley of the
Kings.  A joint project of the Government of Egypt and the American University of Cairo, this
website has maps, 3-D animations, and news on activities regarding ancient Egypt's
necropolis for the Pharoahs.  It also contains the complete on-line edition of Kent Week's
magnificent tome Atlas of the Valley of the Kings
The Near East Archaeology Network will be expanded and updated from time to time as new
information becomes available.  If you have any additions you would like to see added, you can
contact us at:
Rameses II at Karnak
Temple Mount and Western Wall
                  at Jerusalem
Minoan Linear A stamped disk
from Phaistos, Crete (untranslated)
Archaeology in the News
Interactive Maps
USC Digital Library - The West Bank and East Jerusalem Searchable Map